Building lasers,

creating colours for the future

Robust, Revolutionary, RayVen

RayVen is a start-up specializing in the development and distribution of ultrafast lasers emitting around 2 µm. Our products serve a multitude of purposes, including seeding amplifiers, facilitating non-linear frequency conversion, and enabling precise molecular spectroscopy.

Since January 1st 2024, RayVen has been supported by a substantial 1M€ grant from the EXIST-Forschung Transfer program, supported by the german government.

in numbers


Years of Experience

Over 20 years of cumulative tech expertise


Public grant

With a non-dilutive 1M€ grant secured, we successfully launched our project!



We take pride in uniting our diverse backgrounds. In today’s global landscape, definitely a strength.

2.1 µm

Our favorite wavelength

2.1 µm has a high transmission in atmosphere. It falls into a sweet spot for processing semiconductors.

The team: experts in photonics and business.

They support us